Athlete, former vegetarian, and culinary student. I am a big nerd when it comes to studying nutrition and I only buy, cook, and eat real food.  ( and wish you would too ) Although I am passionate about health and cooking, I know I can’t change the world. I simply just like cooking (and eating )…so I thought I would share, and perhaps inspire you to pick up your spatula and fire up your stove.

If you go through my past posts, you will probably notice an abundance of vegetarian recipes. I thought about deleting these posts, but the past makes you who you are today ( vegetarianism was a good chunk of my life ) and shows just how far you have come. So, I left them up if you feel like snooping through my past. Enjoy 😉

  1. Roz said:

    I would LOVE to hear a more detailed testimony of leaving vegetarianism. No matter how much I teach and write about it, people still have fallen in to the veg-trap. Thanks:)

    • Hey! As a former vegetarian I can see both sides but having lived the lifestyle and feeling the difference in my health after switching back to eating meat has really helped me realize what makes me feel better. Saddens me when people choose veg even after I share my experiences with it!

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