I Love My Groupies

I happened to run into a couple of awesome “blog groupies” the other day at a concert. They brought to my attention just how much I have abandoned this blog. I guess it is time I get back on task. Not going to lie, I do miss it..and I gotta keep my groupies happy 🙂

Quick life update: I am no longer working at Carpe Vino in Auburn. The stress finally got the best of me so I decided to begin the search for a new job. I now work in the kitchen at The Briar Patch Natural Foods Co-op in Grass Valley CA. I love it there, and am extremely grateful for the opportunity, and also thankful to have my stress levels back to normal. As you may know I also started up my own personal chef business. http://www.chefharman.com However, because of my busy work schedule I am only doing private dinners.

I don’t get a day off until next Tuesday but you might want to tune in. I am going to address a few important techniques to cooking meats. Bacon may also be involved… 🙂

What is your least favorite protein to cook with and why? What is your favorite?

  1. Josh Winans said:

    So….. Is there a way to sample this personal chef’s cooking?;)

    • Only for my groupies 🙂 hehe for you guys.. i’d do a free sample private dinner. Not joking 🙂 Let me know when ya’ll need a date night in.

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