Not Quite So Jobless

I am not quite so jobless anymore. I don’t have a job… but I do however, have to go to work. I am probably not making much sense. Well, today I start a two week internship at Carpe Vino. The chef is giving me two weeks to prove myself for a position at the Garde Manger station ( cold foods like salads, cold appetizers, and desserts ). Considering this restaurant is a place that I have always wanted to work at, I am a bit nervous. This is a dream job for me, and to land it right out of culinary school is something that I didn’t even dream of because I didn’t think it was possible. I don’t have the job yet, so in the meantime I will just start dreaming about it. And if you haven’t already, you should eat there. The food is amazing. I promise.


  1. molly said:

    i’m so excited for you! and i know what you mean about not having a job but having to go to work 🙂 i’ve put in a lot of hours proving myself for a coaching position. so when you officially have your dream job, we’ll see you at the box, right?

  2. Good call Molly! Prove yourself Amby Anger and see you at the box!

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