My Kryptonite

It has been a rough couple of days of whole30. It is day nine but it feels like it should be day 20. I will admit that I have had a few moments of weakness the last couple of days. My weakest moment was yesterday when I wanted to dive head first into a roll of sushi. Forget the cookies and cake, I want sushi. I thought surely I was going to quit and bring everyone down with me…but then something magical happened…. dinner. My urge to quit Whole30 stopped as soon as I had some good food in my stomach. I think I gave Dez false hopes though…


We have all had out moments of weakness, I think Dez is aching for cupcakes as much as I am aching for some sushi. I believe I remember her trying to bribe me with sushi… it is my kryptonite.

As we tried to get over our wanting to quit whole30 fit, Dez made us some delicious pork tacos with mango salsa. Yum.


Not only were they pretty, but they tasted amazing. There was not much left over.

Hopefully there are easier days ahead.

Onto day 10!



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