Whole 30

I am day two and knee deep into the Whole 30. If you don’t know what the Whole 30 is than you can check it out here. It is basically a strict version of Paleo…It’s just 100% paleo for 30 days. No cheat days, slip-ups…or paleoifying desserts. I am the queen of Paleo desserts a.k.a. “sex with your pants on.”However, for those of you that know me, you will know that giving up the Paleo desserts is not the hardest part. See, I had a little vice…that vice, was energy drinks. I know. *gasp* how could you?!!! Well, I am one and a half days clean and sober…which is about a half day more than I have been since I started drinking them. I prepared myself for the worst. Withdrawals which included headaches, fatigue, grumpiness….etc. but honestly, I feel pretty damn good. I realize that I am probably not experiencing these symptoms because I am substituting energy drinks with coffee…but hey, coffee is allowed on the whole 30 AND I do not think it is bad for you. So bite me. I am still learning to like coffee, so I am actually enjoying a bit more kombucha due to its similar taste and carbonation to energy drinks.

Normally I would have an energy drink while I blogged

It feels good to be chemical free…and I feel good in general. I even felt good enough for a few workouts over the holiday weekend with my friend and fellow CrossFitter/Paleo blogger Molly.

Crossfit workouts are a little limited when the gym is closed for the weekend, but we did our best. Yesterday we used a playground for our workout and let everyone and their mom (literally) watch us get our WOD on. Funny how “odd” we may have looked, and the moms walking by with cigarettes in their mouths didn’t even get a second glance. What is the norm these days is pretty sad, but Molly reminded me how important it is that we were there…you have to inspire people somehow right? For today’s WOD we hopped up some steps on the football field and went for a short trail run. Of course, the trail run was my favorite part. I have lived in this town for years and have yet to utilize the trails. Running with no music, or anything to track my distance, pace, or time was liberating and the view of the canyon was amazing. I am thinking these trail runs need to happen more often. I am realizing I don’t have much of a balance when it comes to doing something for no reason other than for pure enjoyment. Part of the Whole 30 is addressing every aspect of your life. Stress, sleep, nutrition…etc.. So it is interesting to see the imbalances in my life and how I need to work on them. There is lots of work to be done.

I am still trying to decide whether or not I will document my whole 30 challenge. I might just keep this one on the DL but will try and post some recipes or etc. when I can. Unless of course you think otherwise. Let me know. Do you want me to document my Whole 30 journey?

  1. licialee333 said:

    Heck yeah you should document it! I miss your blogging action! But, then again on the DL is your style. So, either way. BUT, more importantly….I am Sssssooooo happy of your choice to quit energy drinks!!! Even if it is only for 30 days! Yayayayayay!!!!! And I will bring you coffee any morning if you want! :). And i wont make you try any bites at school. I’ll start describing things really well so you can imagine what we’re eating. :). Suh-weet! Nice job lady!!! 🙂

    • Haha thought you might be happy about me quitting energy drinks. And if I make it 30 days than there is no way I am drinking one again lol Balls to the wall man! Coffee is always welcome 😛 And as for school…well that will be the roughest part but somehow it will work lol 🙂

  2. LOL @ “sex with your pants on”…dirty old lady. 😛

    Seriously though…yay for you!! Glad you’re not grumpy pants from the loss of energy drinks!!! You’re gonna kick September’s ass!

  3. Cindy said:

    Yup…document it. Glad to hear you are feeling better. What are we going to do without Go Girl cans? While 30 is more than I could handle at the moment of stresses. You are woman hear you roar!

  4. Patty said:

    Rad. Coffee has been a new thing as well for me. Though I’ve always loved it. Great blogs.

  5. Elijah said:

    Is the sugar in the kombucha allowed? I’m pretty sure the ‘Whole 30’ is done with NO sugar…

    • Fruit juice sugar is allowed in limited quantities. Thanks for checking though. Kombucha is allowed via reading the Whole30 website. Yep, I can read too.

    • Blah not fruit juice sugar.. fruit juice. Which is all kombucha may have in it. I only drink the original ones.

  6. Molly said:

    leave it to our coach to call you out on the sugar in kombucha. I call that shit form. haha.

    thanks for working out over the weekend! it made the four day gym closure bearable. and anytime you want to run trails, if you don’t mind me slowing you down, I’m your man.

    • Haha! I agree. I am almost debating starting over and getting rid of the kombucha if he is going to give me shit for it! I am always down for a trail run and you didn’t even slow me down so seriously…let me know when you are up for another!

      Oh and yea… the energy drinks.. Embarrassing lol

    • Elijah said:

      Shit form? I don’t even know what to say

  7. molly said:

    p.s. all these months, I thought the kombucha was your energy drink. go girl? no girl!

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