Monthly Archives: July 2012

I’m back from DC! Let the cooking commence. I had a not-so-paleo vacation to Washington DC, but hey, sometimes you just have to do the best you can….or indulge a little. I cooked a few healthy meals at least, and the rest of the time…I just said screw it. I am on vacation. Here are some travel photos with a few good eats along the way. Enjoy.

View from the boat

Kicked off the trip with a boat tour on the Potomic river to Mt. Vernon.

Here we got to see George Washington’s house….

and also his grave.

Sometimes I cooked…

roasted pork tenderloin with fruit compote, mashed sweet potatoes and roasted asparagus.

Always a Paleo breakfast…

scrambled eggs, bacon, apple and berries

Went to a Brandi Carlile concert

I love Brandi Carlile

You can almost see her…

But here we are

Brandi Carlile is coming to Grass Valley CA soon. I highly recommend you go. I kind of want to go again… hmmm. Who wants to go with me?

Despite our failed efforts to go to the Masonic Temple due to power outages, the Air and Space Museum was still open for our viewing pleasure.

Space Shuttle Discovery

Finally power was restored to the masonic museum. Freemasons are into some crazy shiz.

Good old George

Then of course ya gotta eat. I cooked up some buffalo short ribs we got from the farmers market for dinner….

Braised short ribs in a chorizo sauce, with sauteed summer squash and roasted potatoes.

I braised the buffalo short ribs and made a sauce with the chorizo we also got from the farmers market…recipe coming soon.

Most meals usually ended like this:

Unless we went out…which we did on many occasions. My favorite meal was far from paleo but it was at this little restaurant close by called Willow. The food was amazing.


Mussels with Chorizo I love seafood

Scallops with creamy risotto, grilled portabello mushroom, and asparagus

Yes I ate rice… bite me.

Overall the trip was awesome, back to the wonderful world of crossfit and paleo food.