Hi Folks,

Sorry I have been a bit MIA on the blog lately. The good news is that I am done with classes for the quarter which included baking numerous gluten bombs….

My eclairs are a hot mess.

I wanted to cover more of the surface of the tart but all that was left was one kiwi and some blueberry’s and blackberry’s.

These are photos of my final exam. We had to make eclairs and a fresh berry tart, which sounds easy but all of this stuff is from scratch. There are no pre-made pie crusts in culinary school. We had to make:

Pate A Choux ( the eclair dough )

Pastry cream ( a.k.a. Vanilla custard )

Creme Anglaise ( another type of vanilla custard but its more of a sauce consistency. )

The sweet tart dough for the tart…

We had 3 hours to finish, and luckily I finished without any problems. No curdled eggs ( this happens if you over-cook your custard or don’t temper your eggs properly ). No burnt or deformed pie crust, no collapsed eclairs, everything went as planned, and I passed my final exam! All that worry for nothing.

I will admit this class was fun, but it was a bit of an obstacle at times when I had to taste my food, or when friends wanted me to taste their food. Hopefully my stomach will have a good amount of time to recover. Now to get past the obstacles at home….

White, Wheat, Sourdough, and a stomach ache?

What is your biggest obstacle?


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