Day #25 Happy Monday!

It’s the start of another week and another day of Paleo food. Day #25 to be exact. Oh, and it is also Meatless Monday. My Monday shall remain meatless…and by meatless I mean my day will be absent of the term meatless.


Applegate farms chicken and apple sausage with scrambled eggs and sweet potatoes.

I have a strange need to scramble things into my eggs. I couldn’t just put the sausage on the side…. the eggs just call to them.

California Poppies

After I worked up an appetite frolicking through the poppies I decided on a salad for lunch. Surprise surprise.


Chicken, spinach, avocado, olives, mango, salsa, bell pepper, red wine vinegar

After testing my patience, my avocados finally ripened. I took full advantage and applied them liberally to my salad. Oh avocados. How I missed you.


Sauteed red cabbage, smoked salmon, and avocado

For dinner I felt like a little something on the lighter side that didn’t require much effort because I knew I would spend the rest of the night baking this:

Apple Pie

I know… this is definitely not paleo friendly. It’s been awhile since my hands have been covered in flour in my home kitchen. It felt almost…wrong. However,  pie crusts and I don’t get along too well and I have to make an apple pie for my baking and pastry class midterm. For the sake of my grade, I decided to practice a bit at home. I won’t be missing pie crusts too much. They are like the Tourne cuts of dessert. A pain in the bum.

Happy Meatless Monday! Go buy some local grass-fed beef!


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