Day #24 The Art of Real Food

Day #24 was a day full of sunshine…

Going Bananas


Vibrams KSO Trek

and my white gorilla feet. ( The breakfast is quite fitting isn’t it? ) It is hard to know what people are staring at when I run by. My lack of shoes, or lack of tan. My legs are a bit white with a shade of Casper ( which is a shade of ghost that is not so friendly on the eyes. )

After my run I headed over to the Auburn Farmers market and picked up a copy of The Art of Real Food.

I even got it signed…

I think I owe a lot of what I learned about cooking to these two ladies. Before I started culinary school I cooked a lot out of their first book.


Pan fried Dover Sole over sauteed cabbage and asparagus

If you haven’t noticed by now… Sole is appearing in a lot of my meals. That is probably because we purchased a Duggar size family pack of it from Costco that needed to be used up A.S.A.P. ( and no I don’t buy beef from Costco )


Chard with Pine nuts and Raisins

For dinner I used an idea from my new cookbook and sauteed some fresh chard with pine nuts and raisins…

I served it over some roasted sweet potatoes and topped it with the last of the Sole.

What are you cooking today?


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