Day #23

Day #23! Word on the street is that the new Placer County cookbook The Art of Real Food is being released today at the Auburn farmers market. I was a fan of the first one so perhaps I will have to pick up a copy along with some fresh produce. Speaking of produce… remember when I said that I sometimes buy produce just because it will look pretty on a plate? I am kind of drawn to bright colors when it comes to food so the other day I couldn’t resist these purple carrots….

Purple Carrots

Kind of awesome right? Purple on the outside and orange on the inside. I was wondering if they would lose their color when cooked but to my surprise, they kept their color.

Now for the rest of the food!


Had to have my bananas...

I know it looks like I was just being my usual self with my odd combo of bananas and eggs but the jokes on you because I switched up the Almond butter. I discovered Artisana’s raw almond butter. I’m in love.


Canned Salmon with a spring salad

There is something about spring that just says “eat a salad”. So I did. As I do on a regular basis. It was kind of a salad stew. I just used up whatever produce was on hand. I used bell peppers, olives, green onions, and tomatoes…I have two big old bags of unripe avocados sitting on the kitchen counter taunting me. They would of gone nicely with this salad… but instead they will remain incubated next to the apples and bananas testing my patience.


All I see is my purple carrots

For dinner I pan fried some Dover sole seasoned with salt, pepper, and Penzy’s spices. I first steamed the carrots and then sauteed them for a few minutes just to add a little more flavor to them, and then served it over a bed of sauteed cabbage. Pretty simple but tasty.

Happy Saturday!


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