Day #20 Easy as Pie

I don’t really know where the saying “easy as pie” came from. If you have ever actually made pie it’s not really all that easy…its kind of a pain in the bum actually. Baking requires a little thing called patience..something I don’t have a whole lot of. However, the finished product is usually worth the wait…even if I am not going to eat it.

Bon Appetite

Can you tell the people in our group are all savory students? The one the left is mine.

Most of these pies went into the garbage afterwards. I would say that it is a sad waste of food but come to think of it, they are all empty calories anyways…they are not really capable of nourishing any hungry stomachs.

Onto the real food!


My new favorite breakfast

I am kind of stuck on the smoked salmon in the eggs breakfast, try it and you will see why. 🙂


only cool people eat salad

I was running a bit low on time and ingredients for lunch today. I settled for canned tuna and a salad with olives, green onion, tomatoes, and mango. Honestly, I wouldn’t really recommend this salad. Here is an example of what NOT to eat… even though you can. Okay, so it wasn’t that bad, but its not something I would go out of my way to make. It could be that I am just not a fan of canned tuna.


Whole Foods Dinner

I had a few things to pick up at Whole Foods on my way home so I decided I might as well pick up dinner while I was there. It is great that they have a food bar but when it comes to sticking to Paleo 100% it is pretty darn near impossible. Most everything they have has some sort of canola or soybean oil in it. Whole Foods, why must you fail me? I did what I could to make my dinner as Paleo friendly as possible with some sort of chicken curry, fruit, sauteed veggies and a spring mix salad.

On that note, pay attention to the oils you are using folks. Here is a good article on which fats to use, and which to avoid. Click Me.

Happy hump day!

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