Day #15

Yesterday I did something a little out of the norm. Well, I still did my usual cooking, eating, running ( I know chronic cardio! Gasp! ) but I also participated in a little thing called CrossFit. I know, how could I have gone so long without ever trying it? Well, we didn’t have any local CrossFit gyms here in little old Auburn. Auburn isn’t exactly the destination spot for business but how could we be passed up when we have physique’s such as this?

The infamous naked statues of Auburn....

I bet she eats paleo

Well now thanks to Elijah at Auburn Crossfit we now have a brand spankin new gym. No more excuses for me, I had to go…and I am so glad I did. If you haven’t tried CrossFit, I highly recommend you do, I have a feeling I will be back again…and again.

I think CrossFit put me in an extra good mood so today you get a little treat- step by step dinner prep pictures. If it is something you would like me to do on a more regular basis let me know. For now, enjoy.


I'm kind of addicted to this breakfast now....

The more pictures of bacon I put up on my blog, the more judged I feel. I know, you might have been told for years how bacon is going to lead you to an early death…but its not true. ( as long as it is the right kind of bacon of course ) so stop judging me. Just in case you missed it the first time, here is a great article on bacon.


Left overs from Day #14 and some mango/avocado

Left overs can be a beautiful thing. Don’t ever worry about cooking too much. It can be saved for when you are feeling a little lazy like me.


And now for your step by step dinner prep.

Step one:

Mise en Place

First, prep all your veggies. Prepping all of your ingredients before you start cooking will help keep you organized, make the cooking process easier, and save you time. For my Mise en Place I used Onion, garlic, carrots, bell pepper, kale, pre-cooked chicken that I had left over from the day before, white wine, chicken stock, and coconut milk.

Saute your ingredients

Over medium heat saute your bell pepper, onion, and carrots in a little coconut oil until tender. Then add in your garlic. ( You don’t want to burn garlic EVER. It will make your dish bitter.)

Mmm kale

Add in your kale.


When your kale is tender, deglaze your pan with a little white wine. I used chardonnay because it happened to be in the fridge….feel free to use what you want. Let it simmer until almost dry. Then add your stock and coconut milk…

Stir in your coconut milk and let it reduce a bit until it reaches a sauce like consistency. Then add in your chicken and seasonings of choice. ( I used Penzy’s curry powder which you actually want to add in at the saute stage…but I am awesome and made up my spice mind last minute. )

Simmer until your chicken is warmed to your liking and your vegetables are at the texture you like and serve over some zucchini noodles.

Try Me

Easy enough right? Give it a try, let me know what you think.


    • Thanks! And I don’t know about that! Your food looks great!

  1. colinharman said:

    You are so good, just reading your blog makes me so hungry. Come cook for me immediately.

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