Day #14

I am officially moving my daily food posts to the next morning, my brain is a little slower in the evening…which is how its supposed to be if you are winding down for sleep. And just so it is clear, even perfect nutrition ( if there is such a thing ) can not make up for lack of sleep. I am definitely guilty of skimping on my sleeping hours. Here is a little article on sleep I highly recommend you read.

Well, when I wasn’t sleeping, here is what I was eating…


Eggs and bananas, you know the drill.

It seems that when I do skimp on the sleep hours my go to breakfast is always eggs, and bananas. Its easy…and doesn’t require much effort on my sleep deprived brain.


Salad Stew

For lunch… I just made a simple salad with chicken, avocado, bell pepper, and tomato. I tossed it with some white wine vinegar and topped it off with some salsa. Yum.

I had some chicken thighs in the fridge that needed to be used ASAP…so for dinner I cooked them up with a little salt and pepper and Penzy’s Tandoori seasoning. ( I love this stuff ).

I heart Penzy's Spices


Chicken, cabbage, and cauliflower rice

After I seasoned the chicken I threw it in my cast iron skillet over medium-high heat to get a nice sear on the presentation side, and then flipped it over and let it cook for a minute or two. After letting the bottom sear a bit I turned the heat to low and put the lid on it until it was done ( which is about 160-165 degrees if you didn’t know ). Don’t over-cook your chicken… over-cooked chicken is nasty. Thighs are a little more forgiving, but over-cooked chicken breast = the texture of Ghandi’s flip flop as Gordon Ramsay would put it.  I usually pull my chicken off the heat at 160 because it keeps cooking a bit after it is pulled and the heat will continue to go up to 165. Its called carry over cooking…it can make or break you.

For the cabbage I simply sauteed in a little coconut oil, salt and pepper, and finished it off with a little white wine vinegar.

The cauliflower rice- just grab yourself some cauliflower, put it in the food processor until you get a course mealy quinoa type texture and saute it in some coconut oil until tender and season to taste.

For the rice in this picture I added some diced onion, bell pepper, garlic, and zucchini. So for my rice it went like this:

Saute onion and bell pepper until tender.

Add in zucchini and garlic.

Add in cauliflower and saute for a few minutes until tender.

Make a well in your pan and place a beaten egg in the center… and mix into your rice.

Season to taste.. wallah 🙂



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