Day #13

Yesterday was day #13 of my paleo menu. However, you are receiving it on day #14. My apologies…I know, you were waiting in anticipation for some food porn. Unfortunately Day #13’s food is hardly food porn…its more like the whorish Facebook pictures girls take of themselves with their phone in the mirror… a little exposed, unattractive, sad, and desperate looking.


Scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes, bacon, and an orange

I have two breakfast meals that I generally stick to if you haven’t noticed by now…but am I the only one with a breakfast routine? I think not.

After breakfast I routinely go for a morning run. Where I saw this:

baby geese!

On my first lap around the park I noticed these little buggers and wished that someone there with me to see them…. I didn’t want to look like a dork chasing them around with my phone trying to snap a photo but then I just said screw it and stepped onto the grass ( which is a risky move if you know how much these things poop ). Enjoy.


Chicken breast, sauteed zucchini, mango and avocado

Just in case you doubted the combination of mango and avocado…you should know that it is delicious. Try it. I didn’t have much time to prepare lunch before class so I just sauteed some zucchini, diced up some mango and avocado, and threw in some pre-cooked chicken breast. Done!

In class we made the usual gluten bombs which contained:


These were probably some of the lowest gluten containing items we baked in class this week. Most of the flour was made up of a mixture of almond meal and hazelnut flour…however, these things would of broken the teeth right out of paleo man’s mouth. Hard as a rock without coffee to dip them in. Not recommended.


Whole Foods Salad bar salad: Spinach, tomato, beets, salmon, cranberries, olives, tomatoes, and a red wine vinegar dressing

I was pretty hungry after class and knew the kitchen would be out of service when I got home so I stopped by whole foods, picked up some more bacon and had a salad from their salad bar. Simple and delicious 🙂


Cooking up anything special this weekend?


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