Paleo Eats Day #7

By this point you will probably notice a bit of repetitiveness in my Menu. At least when it comes to breakfast. My breakfast tends to get caught up in my morning routine… being that it is routinely made up of eggs and whatever else… most days its bananas. Don’t judge me.


Eggs and bananas with almond butter...again 🙂


Chicken over cauliflower mash with Brussel sprouts

So here’s the deal with mashed cauliflower. It tastes similar to mashed potatoes. It’s not exactly the same so…don’t try and trick anyone into thinking it is mashed potatoes because then they will just think your potatoes taste a little off… its kind of like how when vegans bring a cheesecake to a dinner party and try to pass it off as a regular cheesecake. Its not going to happen. However, they still taste good. Really good. 🙂


Sea bass with red pepper sauce, mashed cauliflower, and braised endive.

That wraps it up for day #7 remember if you want any of the recipes from the blog feel free to ask, otherwise you just get pictures 🙂

  1. Love your photos!! I’ve never tried sea bass but always wanted to, I’ll have to give it a go sometime soon 🙂

    • Thanks! Sea bass is really good ( as long as it is not over-cooked lol ) the sea bass I had were pretty small and didn’t have much meat. Two of them only fed three people. Definitely worth a go 🙂

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