Paleo Food Day #4

Happy Easter and happy day #4 of Paleo eats!


Eggs over-easy, with sauteed sweet potato, bacon, and fruit ( mango and orange)

I usually like my eggs like my brain feels in the morning…scrambled. But today, I woke up after the sun and decided to add a little excitement to my breakfast and cook my eggs over-easy and accompanied it with some sweet potato, fruit, and of course… bacon. 🙂


Cabbage salad with sauteed chicken

For lunch… I was feeling a little lazy so I just used the rest of the cabbage ( seriously one head of cabbage goes a long way ), sliced up some onion, carrots, and red bell pepper, threw it in a pan and cooked it the same way I cooked the cabbage for yesterdays dinner. I tossed some lettuce in some balsamic vinegar and topped it with a sauteed chicken thigh.

I have to mention: If you don’t have a cast iron skillet I recommend you get one. It is great for getting a good sear on your meats. The flavor you get out of a cast iron skillet resembles that of something that has been grilled. Awesome right? The best part is that cast iron skillets are cheap and they last forever. Go get one. Seriously.


Roasted duck with pomegranate sauce, roasted fingerling potatoes ( in duck fat of course ), and sauteed zucchini with basil and garlic.

Just in case your not into breasts...same dish, different part of the bird. 🙂

Duck was my protein of choice for Easter dinner. I wanted to do something new… something besides the usual ham. Which- I still don’t get why Christians eat ham on Easter…what if Jesus came to dinner? Seeing that he was a Jew and doesn’t eat pork, he would be quite disappointed…death and resurrection can really work up an appetite.

Thats all for day #4!

Hope you all had a good Easter!

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  1. Yum! The blog is great and all the photos look fabulous and colorful. Enjoying it. I wish I could cook that well.

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