Paleo Food Day #2

Day #2 of Paleo Food! I realize that after today people will start to notice that foods like bacon make a regular appearance in my diet…I know, that can’t be healthy right? Well think again…I could write a whole post on how bacon isn’t bad for you but someone has already done the dirty deed for me. Check out this really good article if you want to know more about bacon and how eating it WILL NOT kill you. Now that I have taken care of the elephant in the room, time to proceed to today’s eats!


Day 2 Breakfast

Bacon, eggs, and fruit ( a mix of mango, banana, and orange )


Frittata turned scramble ( yea I screwed up the fritatta ) with mushrooms and onions, salsa, green onions, steamed broccoli, avocado, and mango. ( I can't get enough of these awesome little Ataulfo mangoes ) I know they have a lot of sugar, but I run... so bite me.


Pan fried salmon, braised red cabbage, and asparagus with a mushroom cream sauce.

You will notice that my dinner contained some dairy… like I said I use dairy on occasion and when I do, it is always organic. I also used some butter but it was butter from grass-fed cows. Delish.

I am posting pictures of my daily meals with the purpose of giving people an idea of what eating real food is all about. If you would like a recipe, or have any questions feel free to contact me. Or, if you really want me to, I might consider going the extra mile and posting the recipes for some of the dishes on the blog. Just for you though.

  1. colinharman said:

    You are so good at your craft, my gosh.
    Can you please just move here and cook for us every meal‽ You amaze me. Now I need to go buy some good bacon…

  2. Cindy said:

    It all looks so awesome! Especially dinner! Teehee!

  3. These all look great! I’ve been thinking of taking the Paleo plunge.

    • Thanks! As for Paleo…so much easier than people think. I’d say its worth a go! 🙂

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