A Month’s Worth of Paleo Day #1

Paleo. One of the most misunderstood ways of eating. Not because it is complicated, but because it seems that most people focus too much on what you “can’t eat” with a Paleo lifestyle rather than on what you can eat. Because of this, I have decided to try and get rid of the “restrictive” stigma about the Paleo diet and post a months worth of my food everyday. Yep. Three meals a day, everyday, for a month. Cheats and all. ( Hey no one is perfect ). Paleo is also kind of on a spectrum. Some people who follow a Paleo diet don’t include dairy, or starches…but some do. I include dairy on occasion, and also starches because my activity level allows for it. ( Mashed potatoes please? )  Also, I apologize for the photo quality in advance. All photos will be via iPhone. I am way too hungry and lazy to photograph all of my days worth of food with my SLR…I know myself too well and if I actually want to complete the thirty days than sub-par photos is how it has to be. Here goes nothin!

Day #1



Scrambled eggs, bacon, and mango



Pan fried chicken breast, sauteed broccoli, zucchini, and sweet potato



Lettuce wraps with grass-fed beef, avocado mango salsa, and sauteed carrots.


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