It’s The Little Things That Count

Green things. Not always appealing if you are not a fan of eating your veggies. Well, unfortunately vegetables are extremely good for you. Especially those green ones. They may seem unappealing at times, but there is something that can do to make your veggies at least a little bit more appealing.

Have you ever had nasty, over-cooked,  dull-looking veg staring up at you from your plate? The poor little guys didn’t even stand a chance. Not even the most willing of vegetable eaters would find this sight appealing.

These Green Beans look a bit sad right?

So how can you fix this? How can you preserve those amazing vegetable pigments and transform your meal from a veggie funeral, to a lively garden party on your plate?

Blanch your green vegetables!

Blanching your vegetables not only ensures that they will be cooked properly, but they will also look more alive and appealing.

What they should look like after blanching. Nice and green.

To blanch your vegetables:

You will need: an ice bath ( a bowl of water with ice in it )

A pot of boiling salted water.


Bring the pot of salted water to a boil. Place your vegetables into the boiling water just until tender and bright green. After you blanch your vegetables, you should really only have to toss them in a bit of oil to warm and season them. They should be tender, but not mushy. Al dente. Once they have reached your desired tenderness, fish out your veggies with a spider or some tongs and place them in an ice bath. ( this stops the cooking process so they don’t keep cooking after you have pulled them out of the water ). Let them sit in the water for a couple of minutes and then place them on some paper towels to dry until ready to cook. ( Don’t forget to clean your green beans if you have not yet done so )

To finish cooking them, you only need to warm them in the pan with your desired fat and seasonings of choice.

This is what your green beans should look like finished. ( before you put them on the plate of course ) Don't mind the iphone photo.

Plate them up!

From here on out you should be eating your green vegetables like they are mean to be. Green.




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