Potatoes Are a Must

I made the mistake of over-cooking my Thanksgiving mashed potatoes. The result? An awesomely gummy mash that I was most definitely ashamed of. I did the best I could do to fix them… which meant hiding it under the Turkey ( or in my case chicken ). Not exactly ideal. After hours in the kitchen I decided that using a ricer for my potatoes would just be too much work. So I whipped out a hand mixer. Mistake #2. So how do you get those deliciously creamy mashed potatoes?

First off: pick the right potatoes. You want a potato that is high in starch. Like Russets, or Yukon Golds. ( I will also mention that you should make sure to buy these organic because potatoes are loaded with pesticides. )


You will get the best result for mashed potatoes by baking your potatoes in the oven. This really helps dry them out so that they can absorb all the creamy buttery goodness you are about to dump into them. Only one problem– this takes 40 minutes to an hour, and if you forget to poke your potatoes with a fork, you will have a hot mess in the oven to clean up afterwards. ( Potatoes will explode if you don’t poke holes in them. It is amusing but not worth the clean up. )

The second best and faster method is boiling your potatoes.Yep. Fill up that pot with water, dice up your potatoes and throw them in. I am sure you have done this before.

Always start your potatoes in cold water, and let them come to temperature with the water. I also like to salt my water a bit.

After your potatoes are fork/knife tender ( you can insert a knife easily through the potato ) but not falling apart drain your potatoes and return them to the pan. Put them back on the stove and place them over low heat and stir them until they dry out and there is no water left in the pan. Let them sit for a few minutes while you warm up the milk.

Always use warm milk for your potatoes. It keeps your potatoes nice and warm, and helps melt the butter.

After you have allowed your potatoes to sit for a few minutes. It is time to rice them.

A ricer is like a huge garlic press. Only, for potatoes. Just pop them in the ricer and press down until you get something that looks like this:

Kind of looks like rice right?

Here is where you add the butter and the warm milk.

Then stir it up, add salt, pepper, garlic etc. until nice and creamy and delicious.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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  1. Cindy said:

    A lot of procedures but nice if you have the time. Been doing potatoes for 50 years and there’s always room to learn something new.

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