Monthly Archives: July 2011

Some time has passed since the last time I blogged so I suppose it is time for an update. Not only am I feeling stronger, and healthier since eating meat again but I am now officially a culinary student. This means I have lots more tricks and tips up my sleeve as far as cooking goes..which is good news for you because I am going to share the wealth of information I am learning everyday.

Until I buckle down and get started on a blog worthy recipe here are a few things that you will see happening on the blog.

1. New blog name
2. New theme ( Recipes will follow a Paleo/Weston A. Price/Nourishing Traditions way of eating ) and in case you were a vegetarian following this blog NO I am not involved in some sort of strange conspiracy with this organization…I am the real deal- was a vegetarian – was feeling sick, and am recovering thanks to this way of eating.
3. New Design
4. New blog Link – which will be announced so that you can bookmark it or link it to your hearts desire.

Thanks for keeping up with my blog, and I hope you enjoy the new recipes and everything that is to come in the future. I promise it will be some good stuff you won’t want to miss!