My Lucky Day

If you hadn’t already heard, I had a bit of a lucky day. A lucky day worth $200 dollars. I won a contest from a website called it was called the Tweet What You Eat sweepstakes and at the time I was eating homemade that is what I tweeted. Sure enough a few days later I got a direct message on twitter saying I was a potential winner. Was this for real? All I had to do was send my contact info..which led to notorizing an affidavit and then after I turned that in, a whole 3 days later I received a pre-paid visa card for $200. Holy Crap.
I thought about it for awhile about what I should get, but then I knew I wanted to get something that I had been wanting and might never get the chance to get unless I took advantage of my luck…so here she is.
Nope one photo is not enough…
I toggled back and forth between this Shun knife and a Wusthof Classic Ikon for a good 45 minutes while chopping up multiple potatoes and carrots at Sur La Table. They were both great knives, the same price,  but in the end, the Shun won me over when I sliced a carrot faster, and easier than I ever have before. I wanted the Wusthof, just because it was a Wusthof, but…I couldn’t deny it, the Shun just felt better in my hand. 
So thanks to my lucky day, I was able to get a knife I have been drooling over for a long time. 
I came home and tried it out on dinner. Loved it and am extremely happy with my decision. 
Good day. Good day indeed.
  1. It looks really nice! I have to admit, I don't really know anything about knives, but it really does look nice. ^^ And I'm happy you had a good, lucky day.

  2. Really knife pictures, and it looks so fancy. Now you can be a real cut up. How neat to be able to buy something you really wanted with a surprise win. I am glad for you!

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