Stuffed Tomato with Muhammara Sauce

I’m entering my first recipe contest. Our local farmer’s market puts on a recipe contest each month with a specific food that you have to use. Well, this month is tomatoes and so far I came up with this…
I know…what the hell is that right? It looks like some sort of puss laden body part. Well luckily it’s not a body part. Except maybe my heart that got ripped out and poured onto the plate as I realized there was no way this thing was going to look pretty. So what is this thing really? It is a Stuffed Tomato with Muhammara Sauce. I came up with the crazy idea of making a stuffed tomato with Indian flavors. Sure, I could of stuffed it with the usual italian spices, topped it off with mozzarella cheese and called it a day but how many other people would submit the exact same thing? I could of also gone the spanish route. Stuffed it with some black beans and spanish rice, topped it off with a mix of cheddar, jack cheese and avacado but that also seems pretty original to me. 
Truth is I have been watching a lot of Aarti Sequeira lately. The newest Food Network Star and host of Aarti Party. I love how she puts an Indian flare on everything, and I love Indian spices. Problem is not everyone likes Indian spices,  so am I taking a good risk by entering a recipe with an Indian flare? Or is this risk just setting me up for failure? Either way, I will say that Aarti is my new hero. She is a blogger can you not love a fellow blogger? I highly recommend you check out her blog. And also her You Tube cooking show. 
If you do nothing else at least watch this video. This is the salad that is also pictured in my photo. It is one of my favorites. Enjoy! 

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  1. I enjoyed this meal very much. Don't believe this blogger description of what it looks like. Thank you Amber…it was delish.

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