Hi there! Welcome to my new blog!

So what is this blog all about? Well food of course..and cooking. But not just any food, REAL food. By real food I mean food that is as close to it’s original form as possible. All of the recipes I will be posting will follow Michael Pollan’s Food Rules. This book is life changing and if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you pick up a copy and do so.

Over the years people have developed mass confusion with all of the information about what we should or shouldn’t eat. However, Michael Pollan has taken the confusion of what we really should eat down to seven simple words. Eat Food. Mostly Plants. Not Too Much.

The book discusses 64 rules of eating to use as a guideline to simplify healthy eating. He calls it An Eater’s Manual. So that is exactly what I will be using it for. All of the recipes I will be making will be within the guidelines of Micheal Pollan’s Food Rules book. Did I mention that rule #64 is “Break the rules once in awhile”?

Hope you enjoy the new blog and the future recipes!

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